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Wrong side of the road

Megan valentine


Based in South West London, UK, Megan Valentine is a young singer-songwriter from Zakynthos, Greece that blends an honest, straight forward pop-punk sound with elegantly crafted melodic post-hardcore details. Her music is complimented by strong concepts infused with J-Rock, Tokyo street fashion and Anime & Manga inspired elements. 

Heavily influenced by the American pop-punk wave of the early 2000's, Megan taught herself guitar and started writing her own songs at age 15.

Her debut release, 5-track EP "Wrong Side of the Road", is a meaningful, nostalgic compilation of songs Megan wrote as a teenager. In collaboration with alternative music producer and fellow musician-songwriter Karol Stanczak (I Plead Guilty, All is On, ENDXS), Megan brings her teenage self's music vision to life with punky 4-chord anthems celebrating individuality, emotion and empowerment.

The first single from the EP "A Songfic" received airplay in Japanese radio station Tachikawa FM, upon it's release in October 2016, followed by Megan's very first Tokyo tour that included two exclusive acoustic performances in Livehouse Waver, Shimokitazawa and O-Nest, Shibuya.

Her Shimokitazawa performance was filmed by Nippon TV and part of it was featured in popular morning show ZIP TV, on National Japanese Television.




Taken from upcoming debt EP "Wrong Side of the Road"

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Wrong Side of the Road

by Megan Valentine


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